What is “Peace Studies?” What does one study in such a program?



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    This definition of Peace Studies from the Manchester University website seems to be pretty similar to other definitions of Peace Studies from the Internet.  It reads, “Peace studies explores the frontiers of nonviolent alternatives to conflict, whether in our personal lives or international relations. This interdivisional major and minor consist of courses drawn from a number of disciplines that relate to the analysis and transformation of conflict. Formal concentrations within the major are: interpersonal and intergroup conflict studies, religious and philosophical bases, and international and global studies.”

    Source: http://www.manchester.edu/Academics/Departments/Peace_Studies/

    Every school will have a slightly different curriculum, but, in short, the major seems to be a combination of International Studies and Conflict Resolution.  Check out http://www.gradschools.com/Subject/Peace-Studies/306.html for what seems to be a pretty comprehensive listing of Peace Studies programs.

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