What is the Peabody-Calera partnership?



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    Peabody is a global energy provider. Calera is a Silicon Valley green company that makes building materials out of CO2 (this is one of many of their pursuits). Calera is going to put their technology to work with Peabody’s existing power plants. In my opinion this is good news for alternative energy solutions. If we are going to stick with CO2 producing technology, let’s be smarter about it.



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    The Peabody-Calera partnership was formally announced at the beginning of this year. According to an article in the NY times (2011), Peabody Energy will engage in two partnerships with Chinese energy companies to build coal mines near newly planned high-effciency power plants in China. Peabody Energy, whose headquarter is now out of St, Louis will work with the China Huaneng Group, also known as Calera Corp., based out of California. These two companies have agreed to build a 1,200 megawatt high-efficiency power plant and adjacent coal mine in China’s coal-rich Inner Mongolia (New York Times, 2011).

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