What is a passive house?



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    A passive house is a building that is very energy efficient, relying on solar energy and adequate construction to optimize energy. I think it is quite similar to living off the grid.

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    Hi meg707,

    A Passive House (or Passivhaus) is a structure that employs a simple set of building technologies to achieve tremendous energy efficiency.  Energy consumption is reduced by 90% or more compared to that of conventional homes.  And these efficiency gains aren’t due to weird building design.  Passive House homes are normal, comfortable living spaces.

    The goals of Passive House are reached by employing these 7 principles:
        1.    Superinsulate
        2.    Eliminate “thermal bridges” (that allow heat and cool to travel through walls)
        3.    Make building envelope airtight
        4.    Use energy and heat recovery ventilation
        5.    Use high performance windows and doors
        6.    Optimize passive-solar and internal heat gains
        7.    Model energy gains and losses using Passive House computer modeling

    The result is that many Passive House homes can be heated with a heater the size of a hair dryer.  Body heat and solar gain does the rest.

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