In what parts of your home are bacteria most likely to grow?



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    Bacteria is found everywhere but it grows the most in places that are warm and moist. So bathrooms are a key location for bacteria growth. In the kitchen, bacteria many times will grow on food that is left out because of the plentiful food source, which is why you need to be careful about refrigeration. Bacteria causes food poisoning.

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    The most common places for bacteria to grow include the toilet bowl, the sink, and kitchen sponges, as well as commonly touched areas such as doorknobs, telephones and remote controls.  It’s important to remember that most bacteria in the home is harmless, it is only certain types of bacteria that can cause disease.   Here is some information on common types of bacteria in the home and where they are found.

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    Bacteria can also thrive in sponges and dish rags.  Make sure you launder rags often, and change out your sponges.  If you use a sponge, you can clean it by microwaving it for one minute so you don’t have to throw it away. You also want to make sure that you clean the things people touch often, faucet handles and door knobs.  Bacteria can live on surfaces for quite a long time provided there is at least 10% humidity.

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    Bacteria can also thrive in refrigerators…. the cool, moist temperatures provide good breeding conditions.  Clean out the fridge often and be sure to clean up any spills… Eww!

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