What part of your life would you like to make green but don’t know how to?



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    Christmas time is a holiday that I find to be very difficult to make green and still enjoy all of the things me and my family grew up with and have come to associate with Christmas. Cutting down the trees, all the extra lights, and even the exessive amounts of paper used from wrapping gifts for exchange are so against eco-friendliness. How can make change this but still enjoy our holiday and hold on to our memories?

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    I would love to start growing my own vegetables but I live in an apartment that doesn’t get much sunlight. I am a recent graduate who is living on a tight budget and would love to join a CSA (it’s a minimum of $350 a season). How much do sunlights generally run for? Any ideas?

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    I would like to finance some energy efficiency improvements to my home, like updating my apartment building’s ventilation system (for better air circulation and improved HVAC efficiency).  I believe this would require major renovations, however, and given that I don’t own the building, I’m not really in a place to make the decision.  Still, I can’t help but recognize all the inefficient appliances in my apartment and feel guilty on occasion for being unable to do much to improve the situation.  

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    I would like to volunteer more for green orginizations. I would like to find more time in my schedule to do so. Especially now that it is spring and summer is approaching, I think it would be great for me to go out there and give back to the environment.

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