what part of the world sees the most sunlight in a year?



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    Areas closest to the equator, consistently get the most sunlight throughout the year. Places far north and south can have times of the year when the sun never sets, but that is only for a few months when the earth is titled the farthest it will go up or down. The equator consistently has longer days and the most direct sunlight hitting it the entire year.

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      This answer is totally incorrect. Areas closest to the equator consistently have approximately 12 hours of sunlight a day and never have long days. Cities like Chicago vary and can have 16 hours of sunlight during the summer and only 8 hours of sunlight during the winter. And moving further North, a place can have 23-24 hours of sunlight per day during the summer and only 0-1 hour of cunlight during the winter.
      The question being, which spot on earth receives the most sunlight (daylight) in a given year, results in the answer – All places on the planet earth receive the same amount of sunlight in a given year, averaging 12 hours of sunlight per day. The equator is consistent getting about 12 hours per day every day, while other areas can vary during the year avearging 12 hours per day but ranging between 8 to 16 hours of sunlight per day.
      You would be very surprised how short the daylight is at the equator if you are from say Michigan and travel to the equator during the summer. A Michiganer who is used to the sun setting at 9 or 10PM at night during the summer would be surprised to be at the equator during the summer where it is dark at 6:30 PM.
      Remeber – the question is sunlight, or daylight – Not the amount of sunshine, which would result in a different answer and would include cloud cover considerations.

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