What part of the world got destroyed the most during the world wars?



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    Europe was the location of the fronts during the two world wars. the western front was located towards france and that area and the eastern front was over towards russia. where the two conflicting armies met is where the damage was greatest. 

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    This is true, however these countries have been able to recover despite the devastation.  I would argue that Afghanistan in the late 20th century when invaded by the Soviet Union took an incredibly hard hit.  Not only were buildings and houses destroyed, but so too the land. The Soviets took a scorched Earth policy, and decimated the Afghans livelihood by hurting the soil.  No longer could farmers grow crops effectively from which they were dependent.  Afghanistan has never recovered, and never been able to grow economically in many areas and has continued to be a battleground to this day.

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    The brunt of the fighting during the two world wars in the 20th Century took place in Europe and the western part of Russia. It can be argued that the many islands in the Pacific during the second world war saw intense fighting and damage, but I am lumping the two world wars together. Most of the environmental damage stemmed from aerial bombardments and artillery strikes, which leveled large areas and reduced many urban areas to rubble. One could also argue that the worst devastation of both wars was the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, mainly because of the massive destruction and lingering radiation today.

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