What part of our lives has the most effect on the environment?



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    In my opinion, it is our eating habits.  The growing trend of importing food from anywhere, whether in season in your country or not; of eating lots of meat; and of using pesticides on crops all contribute to huge emissions.  A reported 51% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the meat and dairy industry.  Then add in transportation costs for transporting food, the environmental effect of pesticides, huge amounts of animal waste and fertilizer, and the impact is huge.

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    Going along with what the previous poster says, I would say how global the world is (globalization) causes alot of the worlds greenhouse gas emmisions. Think about all the stupid little toys you get that are made in China, India, Malasia, Taiwan… (anywehre with lass labor laws) because it is cheaper, and the constantly shipped around the world (the same goes for more luxurious items as well). Agriculture is also another industry that contributes to alot of pollution via transportation.

    If we localized markets more, alot of the enviromental problems that came as a result of globalization would begin to remedy themselves, and ocmbined with moving towards more enviromentally friendly forms of energy, could go a long way towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

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    I agree with eating habits.  It is hard to quantify the effect of every little thing on the environment, but diets have proven to be so influential on the environment. Eating meat requires a great deal of energy in raising animals, housing animals, and killing animals. Moreover, the energy put into this process is far greater than the energy received.  Thus it is a greatly inefficient source of energy.  The land used is also wasted. If we take strides to eat more vegetarian meals, the effects are paramount.

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