What part of the eye helps you see color?



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    Color is perceived by photoreceptor cells called cones in the human eye.  There are three types of cones that respond to light in different ways to allow us to see all the colors we do see.  They are responsible for high acuity vision in bright light; they are less active in the dark, when the other photoreceptor cells, rods, are more important for vision but do not process color.

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    Your eyes contain two types of sensor cells deep in the retina called rods and cones. The cones shaped cells detect different wavelengths of light and function best in bright light.

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    the human eyes containe over three billion photo recepters calledrodes and cones the rods in your eyes respond to the dark giving us night vision but they onley see black and wight thats wy wen ur in the dark u can only see black and white. the cones on the other hand respond to color. there are three types of cones the ones that respond to red the ones that respond to green and the ones that respond to blue these cones flash off at a very fast speed at difrent times witch alows u to see color but after they flash they cannot take in any new information for a few nanosecondes are brain covers this short piread off time with wat we call after imige this helps to make your sight feel more fluid and continuas  

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