What part of the environment is threatened the most by humans?



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    Unfortunately, the answer to this question can change on a daily basis. Lately, it would seem that the Gulf of Mexico is the most threatened part of the environment due to the oil spill. Other things like deforestation and carbon emissions are big threats right now too.

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    Right now it is the Gulf of Mexico. This crisis directly effects us. I believe the entire environment is threatened, but the world is not. Global warming causes many species to go extinct, including humans, but will not destroy the earth itself (at least if humans are gone). 

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    Oceans seem to be continually taking a beating.  Over fishing, pollution, and climate change are all having massive impacts on the natural order of our oceans.  It would be safe to state that most issues that the ocean faces today are due to human influence.  It is said that 80% of pollution marine pollution is due to land-based activities, most influentially, agricultural pesticides and runoff, plastic and chemical wastes, oil, and sewage.  

    Our oceans are very fragile, and if we continue to mine and fracture it’s structure, spill toxic waste into it’s inhabitants life cycle, and heat it’s water, we are going to be in a state of catastrophe on earth.  Our oceans may be the most important aspect to life on earth.

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