What part of the earth is life on



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    Life exists on the outermost layer of the earth, called the crust. There are 7 layers of the earth (see below):

    Kilometer range; layer name

    1. 0- 40     Crust
    2. 40- 400  Upper mantle
    3. 400- 650 Transition region
    4. 650-2700 Lower mantle
    5. 2700-2890 D” layer
    6. 2890-5150 Outer core
    7. 5150-6378 Inner core
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    Life exists on the biosphere area of Earth.  In 1875, the word “biosphere” was coined by Eduard Suess.  Ecology is the science of the biosphere, which can be thought of as a very think layer all over the surface of the Earth.  The other spheres on Earth are the lithosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere. 

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