What part of a blowfish can be eaten?



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    The thing that gets people the most in trouble when consuming blowfish is when the food is not cleaned properly. In Japan, blowfish is seen as a delicacy. Tetrodotoxin is the poison contained within the blowfish liver, gonads, intestines, and some species skin. 100 to 200 people suffer from being poisoned every year and half die from it.

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    Several parts of a blowfish one wouldn’t think are edible can be prepared to be eaten. The fins, skin and testicles and certain internal organs can all be eaten with varying preparations. When the chefs are slicing up the fish in thin, delicate slices they tend to use what is called a fugu-hiki which is used only for filleting blowfish that way none of the poison is left on the knife for other delicacies. Of course, like with anything, the experience one has with the fish will depend on the place it is eaten at.

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