What park in Africa has the most poachers?



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    It’s difficult to know for sure, but if Kruger National Park in South Africa isn’t #1, it’s surely very high on the list. Kruger is South Africa’s largest park and an attractive target for poachers because more rhinoceros live there than anywhere else, and rhinos are a favorite because of the high prices their horns fetch on the black market (especially in China). For this reason Kruger Park and the South African Government are fighting back. In 2009 the park announced that 57 new rangers would be on the job, and the borders of the park will now be patrolled by the South African military.  Hopefully this will bring down poaching in the area, which killed 94 rhinos in 2008-09 and 249 animals of all types between 2004 and 2008. Despite these measures, some complain that prosecution of poachers is lax and that sentences handed out are too light to do any real good.

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