What is paper?



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    Paper is a substance that is created from cellulose which comes from wood (trees).  Cellulose itself cannot make paper and must be turned into a pulp before it can be transformed into actual paper. 

    Essentially the fibers that come out of the wood get shredded and mixed with water to make a slushy, watery pulp (think of lots of pulp in your OJ).  The pulp then gets cleaned and streamlined or refined and placed into a beater which turns it into more of a slush substance (think about if you put really pulp-y OJ in a food processor).  Other ingredients are mixed in, including dyes, coatings, and chemicals necessary to hold the paper together.  This slushy mixture gets strained on a large screen, removing any water or liquid and drying out the mixture.

    Once it dries, this mixture is known as the web and is eventually sent through massive rollers to create a substance much closer to the paper we know.  The rollers aid in removing any excess liquid and making sure the paper is the same size and thickness when it’s finished.  After the web runs through the rollers, it gets sent through another set of, this time heated rollers to finish the process and fully dry it.

    Cutters then slice the massive rolls of web into smaller, more manageable pieces and make what we know as paper.    

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