What is a pangolin?



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    [img_assist|nid=198724|title=Pangolin|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=85]The pangolin is an African animal. It has scales to defend itself, no teeth, and excellent hearing and smell. They eat termites and ants by sniffing them out, digging them up, and capturing them on their long sticky tongues. They are nocturnal creatures that stay in their burrows during the day and live in sandy areas near water. For defense, they can roll in a ball for protection, use the sharp ends of their scales to do damage, and they have glands in their anus that emit foul smelling odors. If you want more information or details on pangolins, follow this link: http://www.awf.org/content/wildlife/detail/pangolin

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    Pangolins are small mammals that are covered in scales. It is a commonly hunted animal in China. It is a grourmet meal, with meat selling for $100 per kilogram (in 2005). Even if one does not like its taste, a rich person may serve it to showcase his wealth. Pangolins are also believed to have healing powers. Their scales can cure swelling, encourage blood circulation, and help mothers produce milk; or so people believe. 

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