What is palm oil used for?



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    Palm oil, like other vegetable oils, can be used to create biodiesel for internal combustion engines. It is also used in most cosmetics as a binding agent and in other bathroom products like soaps and shampoo’s. Palm oil is applied to wounds, just like iodine tincture, to aid the healing process.

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    Lately, palm oil has been used in nut butters and other health-brand products in an effort to reduce the use of hydrogenated oil. Palm oil is much better than its hydrogenated counterpart due to its natural make-up. Palm oil has been utilized in certain brands of vegan margarine to create a butter-like consistency without artificial processes. It’s also found in healthy shortening, used for baking, whereas many shortening products in the past have used the aforementioned hydrogenated oils.

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    Palm oil is very high in carotene, antioxidants, vitaman E, and has a perfect balance of saturated and unsaturated fats.  For this reason it is a highly desired product for usage in making cooking oils, dry cake mix, sponge cakes, sauces and fat substitutes.  It is also used in mass production of fried foods, such as french fries or doughnuts, as palm oil is one of the best oils for frying.  It can resist high temperatures and does not produce foul smells in the process.  Some forms of non-edible palm oil can be found in soaps, candles, cosmetics, metal lubricants, glue, printing inks, and more!

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    There are a variety of uses for palm oil; it can be used in edible or nonedible products. Palm oil is rich in carotene and has been important in fighting vitamin A deficiency in developing countries. Other nutrients found in palm oil are tocopherols and tocotrienol, which act as antioxidants. In addition, palm oil does not contribute to higher cholesterol, making it an ideal product to use in the preparation of food. Because of its physical makeup, palm oil does not need to be processed. It can be used as a replacement for trans fatty acids, which have been known to lead to health problems such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes. Palm oil is also ideal to fry with because it can resist high temperatures and does not emit an unpleasant odor. Palm oil can also be used in various nonedible items such as soaps, detergents, candles, and cosmetics.

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