what to pack when you go to the amazon



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    Here are some basic essentials:

    One sturdy backpack or duffel bag (try to only pack what you can Comfortably carry)

    Sturdy shoes are a must with great traction for walking on uneven surfaces

    Water shoes for walking through water

    Money belt-leave wallet and other loose items behind


    Water bottle

    Swiss army knife

    Camera with waterproof case

    Layered clothing for taking off or putting on


    Clothing Items to Pack:


    Rain poncho

    Bathing suit

    Fleece or wool sweater in case the temperature drops

    A few changes of clothing


    Toiletry Items to Pack:


    Bug repellent

    Contact lenses

    Extra pair of glasses in case you lose your lenses

    Sun block at least SPF 15


    Anti-itch cream to treat insect bites

    First Aid Kit


    More of what to pack can be found at the link attached.

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    Make sure to go to your doctor before the fact, you’ll need to make sure you get a few shots before heading down there.

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    I’ve been to the amazon and I would highly suggest broad-brimmed hats to keep the sun off of you. Breathable clothing is a must. As edgarl23 suggested, go to the doctor for vaccinations as well as precautionary medication in case you get sick. 


    Also, a passport and photocopies of it. 

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