What is the Pacific Garbage Patch?



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    The Pacific Garbage Patch is a large amount floating marine debris and man-made solid waste that has made its way into the water systems eventually leading into the sea. Thanks to the currents of the wind and water of the ocean, and the Pacific Gyre in this case, it has all assimilated together to make a garbage island out in the pacific between 135° to 155°W to 42°N, between Japan and California.

    The National Science Foundation estimates that it has become twice as large as Texas and varies depending on the currents of the ocean. It was predicted to exist in a paper published in 1988 by NOAA and was confirmed in 1997 by Charles Moore who was sailing across the Pacific and noticed a mass amount of floating debris.

    Unfortunately it isn’t the only floating garbage patch, they can be found all over the ocean.

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    Put simply, all the crap we throw out has settled in one part of the ocean due to the currents. There is also an Atlantic Garbage Patch.

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