What is oyster bed restoration?



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    The concept of oyster bed restoration was popular in the news around the time of the BP oil spill. This process involves rebuilding oyster reefs along the Gulf of Mexico’s fragile shoreline. This has been done with the hope that the oyster beds would be revived after decades of overharvesting, coastal development, pollution, and damage caused from the BP oil spill. The waters in the Gulf just happen to be home to the last remaining  productive natural oyster beds found in the the world.

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    Oyster bed restoration is the rebuilding of oyster reefs along shorelines that have been damaged due to overharvesting, oil spills, etc.  Oysters help to filter water; a single oyster can filter 50 gallons a day.  The article I attached states a good analogy: “If you remove all these oysters from the estuaries, you’ve essentially unplugged the aquarium. It’s like turning off your pool filter and expecting it to stay in good shape.”  During the BP oil spill the depleation of these reefs really came into the spotlight since 65% of the US’ oyster reefs are in the Gulf. 

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