What is our world food supply like?



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    No idea what you mean. Do you refer to the volume available? If so, there is an overabundance in some parts of the world and famine in other parts. Do you mean what is it like in terms of the stuff eaten? Some places have hundreds, even thousands of choices of food, ranging from 15 different types of apples to strawberries in mid-winter. Others have little more than rice.

    That’s what our world food supply is like.

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    In the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ June 2011 Food Outlook report, they state that outlooks are bad while food prices are at some of the highest they have been in over a decade. In the cereal market, it is due to production problems and depleting inventories with maize production in the US (maize’s largest producer and exporter). Dairy and meat production is suffering from low animal inventories and low product stockpiles.

    For a more in depth look, check out the report which I’ve linked down below.


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