What other things has BP done to harm people or the environment in years past?

…..and, if there’s an answer to this, why are they still in business?



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        BP has a history of problems with worker safety and oil spills. Oil is a dangerous industry even under the best circumstances, but other companies are much better at preventing accidents. According to OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration), BP has been cited for 760 “egregious, willful” safety violations in the last three years. Sunoco and Conoco-Phillips had eight, Citgo had two, and Exxon Mobil had one.

    Some of BP’s recent accidents have been:

    • A refinery exposion in Texas City, TX that killed 15 people and injured 170.
    • A badly maintained oil pipeline that spilled 200,00 gallons of oil onto Alaska;s North Slope in 2006.
    • A series of criminal charges resulting in $370 million in fines.



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