What other ingredients besides stevia are in Truvia?

From the Truvia commercials, I can tell that they are using some sort of filler because the stevia extract I use is much more concentrated than that. It doesn’t come in a packet of stuff to sprinkle. It comes in a little 1oz, 622-serving container with a teeny tiny measuring scoop. I’m wondering what Truvia put in their product to dilute it like that. Also, I can’t quite grasp why they would bother putting it in those silly little paper packets.



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    Erythritol is also in stevia. It is a type of sugar alchohol that has a very low impact on the blood sugar. Erythritol also is known for causing less digestive problems because unlike other sugar alchohols, most of it is absorbed into the blood. Erythritol is a natural sugar substitute that comes from certain fruits like pears; it can also be found mushrooms, fungi, and fermented food like wine and soy sauce (About.com, 2011).

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