What organization does the most reforestation?



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    As of 2008, the Mountain Pine Ridge Carbon Sequestration Project is the largest reforestation project in the world. The project is taking place in the 300 square mile eponymous reserve in Belize, with a project size of 90,000 acres. Planting began in August 2002 and will continue until the entire forest is re-established. The estimated duration of the project to achieve carbon sequestration goals is 55 years.

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    One organization to check out is Plant-It 2020. They not only plant trees through donations but they help needy families by providing them with the means to use their natural environment to aid in their malnourishment and poor living conditions. 

    Another great organization is Arbor Day. This event encourages tree planting and care. The Arbor day foundation has more than 1 million members nationwide. They work with the U.S. Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters on projects.  They also promote individual efforts of reforestation.


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