what is organic farming?



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    Organic farming is farming that does not use chemically formulated fertilizer or pesticides, and additionally does not involve any kind of direct genetic modification.

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    Organic farming is kind of a confusing topic. There are many products in grocery stores that claim they were grown by using organic farming methods. The trick is producers can label their food organic without if actually being grown organically. The above definition is a great one for organic farming. It would be great if we could trust the labels that say organic on them.


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    The answer from jdavids is a good answer – I think the most confusing thing for consumers is in regards to nutrition in organic or non-organic farming and also in regards to “green”.  Both organic and non-organic food have approximately the same nutrition values, what is different however, is that if the food is truly organic the consumer shouldn’t have to worry about adding hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, toxins or genetically modified foods into their diets.  But even if the food is grown organically – if it is trucked to a store 3,000 miles away – it isn’t green, and that’s why there is such a big resurgence of local farmers markets and growing your own fruits and vegetables.

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