what organ is most affected by smog?



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         The lungs are the organ most affected by smog. Some scientists have compared the effects of ozone on the lung’s lining to the effect of UV rays on the skin. The lung usually heals itself within a few days but prolonged exposure can cause permanent damage. Lung irritation aggravates asthma; when ozone levels are high, more people have asthma attacks that need a doctor’s attention. According to an American Cancer Society Study, people who live in smoggy places are more likely to die from respiratory diseases such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

         There is not much an individual can do to reduce smog, although experts say driving less and keeping your car tuned up can help. 


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    Yes, the organs directly affected most by smog are the lungs and the eyes. The lungs are af.fected when an individual ihales much of the smog and the debris or contaminants go to settle in them making the individual asphixiated.

    On the other hand, the eyes are also affected by too much exposure of the eyes in the smog. The level of irritation in the eyes can be determined by the quantity that entered the eyes and the type of pollutants

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