What vitamins or minerals can help prevent menstrual cramps?



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    Magnesium is great, as are calcium and potassium.  Taking a daily vitamin that includes those, and then upping your dose before you think you might get menstrual cramps can help prevent cramps.  Check the links for more info on cramp treatment and prevention!

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    Vitamins B6 and folic acid can help with the mood aspects of PMS. For menstrual cramps Omega 3 Fatty acids and as well as magnesium should help to ease symptoms. Exercise as well as applying heat will help with painful cramps as well.

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    magnesium and B6 vitamins as well as apple cider vinegar are great for menstrual cramps.   Try Castor Oil Packs as well




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    Get raspberry leaf! It is the best. I use it religiously. You can get the herb in capsule or tea form. Tea will get through you body faster, but will not last quite as long. The capsule will take longer to get through your system, but will stay in it longer. I use both. Make sure it is raspberry leaf and not just raspberry flavored.

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