What is one change you have made this year to reduce your carbon footprint?

Share something you have learned, something you got rid of or how you made a conscious choice to reduce your energy needs and carbon output.


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    I’ve been driving less. One way I’ve achieved this is by running multiple errands during one outing rather than taking multiple trips. I do my best to choose places that are located in close proximity to one another or I make sure that at least one of the places I need to go to is on the way there or back. I also attempt to set aside at least one day during week in which I don’t drive at all. Most weeks have been successful so far.

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    We have installed photovoltaic panels on our roof. It was a pretty easy process since the company installs them, and there are state and federal tax breaks that make it more affordable. It is entertaining to now watch the electric meter run backwards.

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    I get all my fruits and veggies at local farmers markets once a week. When I need to go to the grocery store, I try to get organic and natural items rather than the highly processed alternatives.

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    I drive less, and try to get everything I need to do in a week, done in 2-3 days. I also keep lights and other electrical technologies off in room that I’m not in and on technologies that I’m not currently using. We’ve worked harder to recylce–paper, plastic, bottles, cans…. We also continue to buy as much of our food organic as we can. This is helpful because foods that are not organic have pesticides sprayed on them, and pesticides, besides being damagin to us, are damagin to the environment. Finally, we use eco-friendly cleaning supplies and energy-efficient light bulbs.

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    I have started composting all of my kitchen scraps instead of sending them to the landfill.

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    I made it through the winter without turning the heat on once in the little cabin where I sleep. It helped that it was a mild winter, but there was a cold snap in early December with lows of 6 degrees F, and there were many a night that my water bottle froze, but I was plenty warm snuggled under my wool blankets. 🙂

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         I moved to a place where I don’t need a car to get around. I also started shopping at thrift and consignment stores for most of my clothes.

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    The one thing I’ve changed is really an umbrella term: I’ve made a conscious effort to be green in everything I do.  If a thought occurs to me that something can be done better, than I strive to do i: 

    I plan my routes before running errands.  I wait until my dishwasher and washing machine are completely full before running them.  I take shorter showers, use reusable grocery bags, am more careful when buying products and aim to choose ones with local, sustainable ingredients, I unplug electronics when I’m not using them, turn off any light that I don’t need to use, adjust the thermostat to run less often, use a toaster oven whenever possible vs. the regular oven, walk when i don’t need to drive, share the knowledge i have with other people and make an effort to learn more. 

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    I started a compost pile in my backyard that is working out great. I also ride my bike 10 miles to work everyday instead of driving. I have begun to eat organic foods much more often than I used to and watch what kinds of foods I eat (like where they come from). Most of the things I have done, are also much better for my health. 

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    I’ve reused almost everything.  I use old butter tubs for storage and old jars for drinking glasses.  Socks have become rags and boxes from things I’ve bought are used for mailing care packages.  It’s so much better to reuse!

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