What is one aspect of your life you would like to make more green?



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    Use less disposables like plastic bags, ziploc bags, paper cups, take away boxes. I am trying to find a type of reusable bag to store snacks and small items. Use less paper towels. I tried carrying a cloth towel or handkerchief to the restroom at work, but it looks weird to others and unsanitary. Any suggestions? 

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    I would like to get a really good solar cooker someday and use it during the summer. My parents did some solar cooking, but it took them a while to become proficient at it. So, one of these days…

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    One thing I am proud of is that I do not drive. I take the bus and I walk or ride a bike, which is inconveinent in today’s world, but I think it is an ethical action. One thing I would hope to improve is diet. I would give up meat and dairy (because of the petroleum consumed in producing these products), but I haven’t yet done so. Changing my diet would be a pretty big life change for me! I do try to buy as much organic and local food as possible and don’t eat fast food!

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    I would like to become more educated in recycling. I have very little knowledge of what to recycle and how to sort it. Usually, I just throw everything into the bin and wait for the company to pick it up once a week. If I’m not sure if something is recyclable, I don’t look it up, I just throw it into the garbage can. I really want to bring a bin to the restaurant where I work because the owner refuses to use the company that is going to charge him to pick up the recycling. It would be a huge commitment, though, and I hope I can make it happen.

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