What is the oldest type of tree in America?



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    The oldest type of tree in the United States is the bristlecone pine. The bristlecone pine is native to the arid mountain regions of the western United States. The oldest bristlecone pines are found in the ancient bristlecone pine forest in California’s White Mountains and are close to 5,000 years old. The oldest known bristlecone pine is known as “Methuselah.”

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    If the questioner wants to know which species of tree living today has the most ancient heritage, one of the oldest is the ginkgo, whose close fossil relatives date back 270 million years.

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    Bristlecone Pines are known to have the longest lifespan of American trees. On average, they live about 1,000-1,500 years, though one tree, named “Prometheus” was cut down in 1964 and was dated back over 4,900 years. Methuselah is the oldest known living bristlecone, at about 4,800 years.

    However, since one part of a tree may die out while the rest lives, it is difficult to know fure sure the age of an ancient bristle cone pine, as its hard to know the oldest part of the wood, if it is even still a part of the tree anymore.


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