What is the oldest sea turtle ever?



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    Well this question can be can be construed in more than one way but I shall make the attempt to answer them all.

    Presently the oldest (Living) Sea turtle in the world is a sub species of the giant tortoise; the Pinta Island Tortoise (Geochelone elephantopus abingdoni) otherwise known as Lonesome George (roughly 100 years of age) because he is literally the last of his kind. Or at least he was up until recently when scientists discovered a living link to him.

    The oldest toroise on record is radiated tortoise (Geochelone radiata) that was given to the Tongan Royal family back in 1777 named Tu’i Malila which continued to live in the care of that family until May 19, 1965. This not only makes it the oldest tortoise that had ever come to live but almost the oldest vertebrate known to exist taking second to a Kou fish that lived to be 226 years.


    As far as the oldest living species goes it is a very difficult question which really can be answered as of the present moment because no one really knows. There are a number of species dating back to over 225 million years ago including the aforementioned species. They are a lost dinosaur which still exists today!


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