What is the oldest sea on earth?



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    All of the water on Earth is moving around, so there is not really one specific oldest sea or ocean on earth. The earth crust is comprised on oceanic and continental plates, which move (very slowly!) over time creating different seas and oceans around the world. So the areas that hold the worlds water to form seas also constantly change, make all of them equally old at the same time.  

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    Geographic subdivisions we call “seas” (or other names) do indeed come and go, and some are much older than others. For example the Gulf of Mexico (yes, it’s a ‘gulf’ but the words are just semantics) was initiated about 180 million years or so ago. Some of the “seas” in and around Indonesia only came into existence in the past few tens of millions of years. The basin underlying the North Sea has an ancient origin, comparable in time to the Gulf of Mexico, but its modern geography is more related to glacial activity in the past few million years.

    The oldest oceanic crust is Jurassic, about 200 million years, in the western Pacific and western North Atlantic oceans.

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