What is the oldest recorded drawing in the world?



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    The oldest drawing recorded is a 27,000 year old portrait found in a cave in France.  It was found by a local man in Vilhonneur cave, and is the portrait of a man drawn in calcium carbonate.  There are also other drawings in the cave, but the portrait seems to be the oldest.

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    The oldest cave paintings ever found are in Chauvet Cave near Vallon-Pont-d’Arc in southern France. These paintings are unusual because unlike other Paleolithic cave art that featured the horses, cattle, and reindeer that were a part of people’s everyday lives, the painting at Chauvet Cave featured predatory creatures, including lions, panthers, bears, rhinos, and hyenas. The only human figures in the cave are a Venus-like figure, featuring the genitalia and legs of a woman, and the “Sorceror,” who has the body of a man and the torso of a bison.

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