What is the oldest piece of technology that you own?



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    Probably the most basic technology, often overlooked, would be the oldest. Things like the wheel, circa 4500–3300 BC in China, and writing, circa 6,000BC, are both examples of early technology that has completely changed society. The compass was invented in China between 2BC and 1AD. The sail, used to transport ships and goods, was invented around 3,200BC.

    All of these forms of technology are still used everyday across the world. Society as we know it would be drastically different without any one of these technologies.

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    I think you mean technological electronics, given that this question was posted in the “Electronics” section. To answer your question in those terms, my MacBook is the oldest piece of technology I have. I purchased it in 2008 and it still runs great. Please note I do not have a television, mp3 player, or a stereo, so my Mac fulfills many electronic functions and gets a lot of use. My MacBook has been a trusty companion, although the chrager has died and required replacement. I used to have PCs, but they ususally died within a year or two at most. I do not mean to praise my Macbook too much, I swear I am not part of Apple’s cult-like following, but I do appreciate its functionality and resilience! 

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