What is the oldest piece of pottery we have ever found?



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    The oldest pottery in the world was found by a team of Israeli, Chinese, and American scholars in China. The pottery was found in the Hunan Province in a cave. The ceramics are estimated to be around 15,400 to 18,300 years old, which is at least 1000 years older than the previously discovered pottery thought to be the world’s oldest. That pottery was also found in the Hunan Province. The scholars used carbon dating to date the pieces. Check out a picture of it below. 

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    Many scholars believe that the oldest piece of pottery yet found was excavated at the Yuchanyan Cave in southern China.  The pottery shards are dated around 16,000 BCE and are about 18,000 years old.  There are other pottery pieces that may be older than this pottery, but experts quibble over the accuracy of the dating.

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