What is the oldest living tree?



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    The world’s oldest known living tree, a conifer that first emerged at the end of the last Ice Age, in Swedan. The 13-foot-tall  “Christmas tree”  like conifer is not old in itself, but its root system has been growing for about 9,550 years.

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    The world’s oldest living tree is a 9,550 year old spruce tree living in the Swedish mountain province of Dalarna. Discovered in 2008, this spruce is nearly twice as old as the previous tree to hold the ‘world’s oldest tree title’. Before 2008, a Bristlecone pine in the White mountains of California named ‘Methuselah’ was carbon-14 dated at 4,841 years old.

    Unlike many of the world’s oldest trees, this spruce is not a giant with a massive trunk. Rather, the trunk of this tree is relatively young, succeeding from four generations of spruce cones and an expansive system of root cloning. Researchers have determined all generations share the same genetic material dating back 9,550 years.

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