What is the oldest living animal?



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    The oldest living animal in the world is a tortoise from Galapagos Island named Harriet who is 180 years old. Harriet now lives in Australia Zoo, Brisbane, Queensland. She was discovered by Charles Darwin in 1835 (at a mere five years old).

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    That turtle fact is so cool! A little less charismatic maybe, is the quahog clam Arctica islandica, a species which has been found in multiple instances off the Irish and North Sea to be over 200 years old. Unfortunately, the only way to know it’s age is to kill it and count the growth lines of the inner shell. In 2007 the oldest known animal ever to exist was a 405-410 year old quahog clam found off the coast of Iceland. After the find, the clam’s ability to defy destructive aging processes suffered by short-lived (in comparison) animals began to be studied by a group called Help the Aged.

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