What is the oldest known type of musical instrument?



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    It is impossible to know exactly what type of instrument was created first, and the term itself is subjective. However, rattles, stampers, and various kinds of drums were among the first used in prehistoric times, usually with dancing.

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    I would like to add to the above answer — I agree completely with those statements (drums especially! my prefrontal lobe tells me to pound away all day) — but what about The Human Voice (or other hominid voice box).  There is a species of primate (I think it might be the bonabue?) that uses its vocal cords to attract mates by signing at the top of its lungs! I can imagine that possibly the first hominids used their voices in song prior to adding any percussion. Indeed, people who know about music say the voice is the only perfect instrument (in its range and capabilities), so doesn’t it make sense that it must have been around for the longest time too before it was able to reach such perfection!?




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