What is the oldest farm in America?



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    Appleton Farms in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

    “Originally deeded to Sam Appleton by the city of Ipswich in 1636, the property holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating farm in America. According to local legend, the land had been tended with special care by the area’s Agawam Indians, who fertilized its soil with clamshells and fish bones. Hundreds of years later, fresh tomatoes, corn, and potatoes still grow here, and herds of cattle roam the fields.”


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    The oldest farm in America seems to be the Tuttle farm in New Hampshire. It is the oldest family-run farm, spanning across 11 generations of Tuttles and the current owner of the 134-acre plot, Will Tuttle, has decided to sell it. The farm has been owned by the same family for 378 years, since 1632.

    Below is a picture of Will Tuttle and his sister Lucy.

    Image taken from this site.

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