What is the oldest castle in the world?



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    In Europe around the middle ages the oldest castle is located in France, Loire Valley called Doue-la-Fontaine. It was built around 950 AD where the feudal society originated. This castle was used to hide from the Normans, and in result of that; they built mushroom-frowing caves to gain protection from them. This castle was believed to be the first castle built in Europe. 

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    To add to the previous answer, the Citadel of Aleppo is considered to be one of the most oldest castles in the world. It stands above a 50 meters high hill right in the middle of Aleppo, Syria. It dates back to at least in the middle of the 3rd millenium BC. It’s been occupied many times by the Greeks, Byzantines and much more peoples. However, most of the construction dates back to the 13 century.

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