What is the oldest building in the United States?



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    The oldest standing buildings in the USA are Ancestral Puebloan communities, built around 1000 AD, over a thousand years ago.  Many ruins are very well preserved and still standing.  They are found throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.

    [img_assist|nid=192054|title=Taos Pueblo|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=408]

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    This is probably the Council Chamber constructed Ocmulgee Mounds near Macon, Georgia that was constructed by Native Americans around 1000 CE. There are also various buildings that were originally constructed in the Middle Ages in Europe (the St. Joan of Arc chapel at Marquette University, The Cloisters at the Metropolitain Museum of Art, and the chapel of Segovia in Miami, for example), but brought over for various reasons and reconstructed here. 

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