What is the oldest animal on earth?



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    The oldest animal on earth are sponge-like creatures dating back to about 650 million years ago.

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    If you are asking what is the oldest animal on Earth, then the oldest known animal was a Galapagos land tortoise named Harriet who lived for 176 years and died in June 2006. Interestingly, she was actually discovered by Charles Darwin himself and brought back to England on his ship. She was later donated to the Brisbane Botanical Gardens in Queensland, Australia but when the zoological portion of the gardens were closed in 1952 she was moved to a wildlife sanctuary. She ultimately ended up in Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo and lived there until the end of her days.

    If you are wondering about the oldest living animal species, then it is probably the horseshoe crab, “which has pretty much remained unchanged since the Ordovician Period, 445 million years ago.” It has been called a living fossil because of how little the species has changed through time.

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    Bruce Forsythe

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    Bruce Forsythe

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    Other than the previously mentioned animals, there is also the clam. The Ocean Quahog can live up to 405-410 years. Depending on what you mean by oldest, the horseshow crab has been in existence as a species for about 400 million years, in which its fossil history has remained unchanged. Besides humans, which are animals with pretty long life spans, the Asiatic elephant has a lifespan of about 60 years. The oldest living cat is named Whiskey and has been alive since 1971, making him 266 in cat years. The oldest dog is named Bella, who is said to have been 29 when she died in 2009.  

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