What is an offshore wind day?



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    Are you referring to the European Offshore Wind Conference held in Stockholm, Sweden? It is a day where exhibition visitors met over 260 of the key players in offshore wind power from Europe, North America and Asia – the world’s foremost manufacturers, developers, power generators, engineering and construction companies, power generators and utilities.

    Or maybe you are referring to offshore wind power, which refers to the construction of wind farms in bodies of water to generate electricity from wind. Unlike the term typical usage of the term “offshore” in the marine industry, offshore wind power includes inshore areas such as lakes, fjords and sheltered coastal areas, utilizing traditional fixed-bottom wind turbine technologies, as well as deep-water areas utilizing floating wind turbines.

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    The direction from which wind blows gives it its name; wind blowing from the land and out to the ocean is “offshore” i.e. coming off the shore and onto the ocean; wind that blows parallel to the beach is called “cross shore”; and wind that is generated at sea and blows onto land is called “onshore” wind. An offshore wind day is most favorable for surfers because the direction of the wind dramatically affects the shape of a wave. Offshore wind create waves that break more gradually and regularly than onshore winds that cause a wave to break all at once. Offshore wind turbines are located in the water where wind blows harder so that larger windmills can be utilized; this is an attractive option for areas with high population densities who have no land space to build onshore wind farms, such as in places in Europe.

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