What is an ocelot?



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    An ocelot is a larget cat and is a member of the Leopardus pardalis family. They have a life span of about 8-11 years. The popularity of it’s beautiful coat has led to its near extinction in many regions.

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    The Ocelot is a wild cat distributed over South and Central Mexico and Mexico and have been known sightings in Texas and Arizona. There are many names given to this beautiful cat such as Painted Leopard, Jaquatirica, Jaquarete and Tigrillo. The ocelot was once classified as a critically endangered species due to overhunting because of its attractive fur, but through preservation efforts the population of the ocelot has grown. The ocelot generaly measure up to 1 meter in length and their weight can vary from 11.5-16 kg. The Ocelot is mainly nocturnal and are very territorial.

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    “a nocturnal wildcat of Central America and South America having a dark-spotted buff-brown coat.”

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