What ocean has the largest concentration of jellyfish in it?



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    Jellyfish are essentially oceanic drifters, and are found in every single ocean in the world.  Due to their nomadic tendencies and ubiquitous presence, there isn’t really any one ocean that has consistently the “most” jellyfish.  However, they tend to accumulate in bays and estuaries, and places like Chesapeake Bay and Monterey Bay have been known as good spots to see jellyfish.

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    I could find no figure that lists the concentration of jellyfish in the oceans, but jellyfish are found in every ocean on Earth.  Many like warmer temperatures, but there are those that prefer colder habitats, like the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish.  There is concern that recent jellyfish blooms may be encouraged by warming water temperatures and that concentrations will only increase as global warming gets worse.  However, food availability also plays a large part in jellyfish blooms. 

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