What obstacles could prevent wide-spread consumer interest in electric cars?



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    The best way to make electric cars work would be to completely overhaul the entire infrastructure to favor electronic systems as opposed to conventional gasoline or diesel powered engines. Oil companies and established fuel companies do not want to loose out to providers of electric energy—the utility companies would succeed at the failure of those providers of fossil fuel for transportation (energy too—for powering equipment [like leaf-blowers, chain saws, and bulldozers] and in heating purposes [electric powered or gas]).

    Another obstacle is the power and the demands of driving these days. Electric cars are not as powerful as conventional cars, but they are certainly more efficient. People like muscle though. So consumer demand is a big issue. Let’s face it, there are not as many tree huggers as there are detroit muscle kind of guys (at least with the purchasing power to buy new vehicles). Laws provide the real catalyst for change… and until there are more strict government regulations on emissions (and caps on horsepower, maximum desired speed, and the amount of overall pollution that can be emitted [CO2 plus everything else]): Then there will not be any reason for consumers to purchase expensive, unsupported (by law and infrastructure) vehicles.

    So the big three in our way are the oil companies, the average “more-power” (rawwh, rwawwh, rwahh! [tim taylor-“Tool Time!”]) kind of mentality, and the government’s lazy (lobbied) lawmakers.

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