What nutritional value do prunes have?



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    Prunes are packed with potassium and iron which essential for healthy blood. They have fibre and natural chemicals to keep you regular. Vitamin A and C to help maintain healthy hair and skin.  Chromium which maintains healthy blood sugar levels. And Lutein which prevents eyesight failure and slow-release sugars to keep energy levels up during the day.

    Nutritive Values of Prunes : Per 100 gm.

    • Vitamin A : 1,890 I.U.
    • Vitamin B : Thiamine .10 mg.;
    • Riboflavin : .16 mg.;
    • Niacin : 1.7 mg.
    • Vitamin C : 3 mg.
    • Calcium : 11 mg.
    • Iron : .7 mg.
    • Phosphorus : 85 mg.
    • Potassium : 810 mg.
    • Fat : .6 gm.
    • Carbohydrates : 71 gm.
    • Protein : 2.3 gm.
    • Calories : 268
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    Prunes are a good low calorie food very low in saturated fat, no cholesterol, very low in sodium and very high in fiber. 

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    In addition to the other nutritional benefits noted, prunes are high in antioxidants and beta-carotenes which eliminate free radicals that would otherwise harm healthy brain cells and cell membranes.

    Prunes are also known for their high levels of potassium which is beneficial for regulating blood pressure and heart function.  Studies were also conducted which showed that men who consumed high levels of potassium were at a reduced risk for stroke. 

    Also, because of its’ high level of vitamin C, prunes are believed to increase the absorption of iron into the body.

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