What number does the plastic have to be to make it microwave safe?



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    It depends on the individual container.  Heating and cooling can transfer chemicals from the plastic to food.  Any plastic specifically labeled “microwave safe” has been tested by the FDA and is considered safe.  If it doesn’t have a label stating it’s safe, don’t put it in the microwave.

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    Yes, it does depend on the individual container. This is due to the fact that containers may be designed in different ways with the same type of plastic. For instance, microwavable trays made with PET plastic (recycling number 1) are specifically designed to withstand heat, while water bottles made with the same plastic warp in the microwave because those bottles are not designed to be heat-resistant. Some types of plastics that are not considered to be microwave safe include plastic bags from grocery stores, styrofoam containers, and plastic tubs (containing yogurt, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.) designed to be stored in the refrigerator

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