What is the nuclear legacy of the Savannah River Site?



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    The Savannah River Site was built in the 1950s to process nuclear material before it was put into nuclear weapons. It is located about 25 miles from Savannah, Georgia. None of the reactors at the site are currently operating – the only current operations are cleaning up after past nuclear work.

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    The Savannah River Site currently has aprox. 35 million gallons of high level liquid waste stored in underground tanks. The waste comes from plutonium production that began with the Manhattan Project and continued through the cold war.

    Other than the liquid waste, which is overseen by Savannah River Remediation, LLC, the site also stores tonnes of transuranic waste (TRU) which is being shipped for storage in Utah — a process which Utah’s governor and legislature is currently fighting. TRU is all manner of equipment, tools, clothing, construction material that has low-level contaminated. This is stored and shipped on oil drums.

    Other waste includes tritium and mercury, both used in the production process when the reactors were running.

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