What is a non-renewable resource?



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    A non-renewable resource is something that will not be replaced in nature after we use it up. For example, there is only so much coal and oil stored in the ground – and if we burn all of it up for fuel, we cannot expect it to be replaced within a timescale that has any meaning for our economy. Other resources, such as an ocean fishery can be managed in such way that they are renewable: we can keep taking fish out of the ocean at a rate that allows the population to replace itself, and continue to do this indefinitely without the resource running out. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that a theoretically renewable resource can become non-renewable if it is depleted too quickly. For instance, many fish species are now being harvested on such a large scale that they do not have time to replace themselves, and are likely to crash or even go extinct if over-fishing continues.

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    It is a product that cannot be re-grown, re-used, or regenerated to an amount that makes it sustainable. They are generally resources that are finite and are consumed faster than the earth can restore them if at all.

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