What non renewable energy sources is the best for the environment?



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    None of the non-renewable energy sources are very good for the environment. Nuclear power has a smaller carbon footprint, but uranium is mined. Natural gas is usually touted as better than coal and oil, carbon-wise, but consider the linked article.

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    Comparing the negative environmental impact of non-renewable energy sources depends on which aspect of the environment is being considered.  Nuclear energy produces less air pollution than natural gas, which produces less than oil or coal.  However, burning natural gas produces methane, which is more potent greenhouse gas than the CO2 produced by burning oil, and therefore contributes to climate change.  The extraction of the different types of fuel also needs to be considered, as well as the transportation and any infrastructure needed to refine the fuel for use.  The EPA has a very basic website explaining the impact of each of the sources, which can be found a the link below.

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    uranium and nuslear as most of this is available compared with gas, coal and oil which will run out in 40 yrs or so

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